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What Steps Can Your Senior Try to Beat Fatigue?

Sometimes getting a handle on fatigue isn't about the big moves your senior makes. It can be some of the smaller steps that make a big difference. Once you've ruled out medical causes for fatigue, try some of these solutions to see how well they work.Keep a Log of How She's Feeling.Keeping a log about how your senior is feeling in general allows you to examine a lot of variables all at once. You can track as much or as little ... Read more

What Kinds of Assistive Aids Can Help a Loved One with Arthritis Move Better?

Elderly Care in Houston TX Assistive devices are any type of tool or device that can make life and movement a little bit easier for your elderly loved one. For a loved one who has arthritis, some of these types of devices can save her quite a bit of pain and keep her moving.Canes or WalkersWalkers and canes are an obvious choice for an elderly loved one who has arthritis in her hips or knees. These devices can help to support your ... Read more

Elderly Care Observances: Risk Awareness Week

Elderly Care in Houston TX February 7 through 13 is Risk Awareness Week. Though this weeklong observance was originally developed as a way to protect people in dating relationships, it has taken on many different angles over the years to be a weeklong opportunity for people to research, evaluate, identify, and resolve the various risks in their lives. In the context of your elderly care journey risk awareness is all about finding the areas of your care approach that could be modified ... Read more