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Researchers Exploring Plasma Transplants to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

A Stanford University study is in the early stages. The goal is to see if plasma transplants help ease the symptoms of Alzheimer's. The plasma is taken from the blood of young healthy adults and is then administered to an Alzheimer's patient through a blood transfusion. So far the early results are promising. The original PLASMA study was done on elderly mice. When plasma from young adults was transplanted into the mice, there were some improvements. The research moved to men and ... Read more

Adapting your Parent’s Home After Surgery

One of the main concerns following surgery for many seniors is how they will be able to care for themselves during the healing process. Many wish to remain in the comforts of their own home—homes which may have upstairs bedrooms. Not knowing how mobile they will be following the operation can leave many seniors worried and anxious at a time they should be focusing on health and healing. You can help them stay in a positive mindset by preparing their home ... Read more

Helping Your Loved One Cope with Ulcerative Colitis

Home Care in Spring Branch TX The chronic inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis impacts approximately 700,000 people throughout the United States. It impacts the same number of women as it does men, and occurs in people of all ages. Symptoms including urgency, abdominal pain, and bleeding can be disruptive to life and lead to serious complications if not treated properly. If this condition has recently become a part of your home care journey with your aging parent, it is important to know ... Read more