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Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Prevent Osteoporosis

Does your elderly loved one have osteoporosis? If so, they might be suffering. This disease causes a lot of pain. However, if your loved one doesn’t have osteoporosis yet, there are some tips that you can use to help your loved one to prevent osteoporosis in the first place. While they still might develop osteoporosis as they age, these tips can push the condition off for longer. Increasing Protein Intake One of the tips for helping your elderly loved one to prevent osteoporosis ... Read more

National Flossing Day is a Good Time to Discuss Oral Care

National Flossing Day takes place the day after Thanksgiving. On the day after devouring turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and many pies and treats, it's meant to shift focus to the importance of oral care each day. Flossing is an important part of oral care, yet the American Dental Association found that only 16% of those surveyed actually floss daily. Why do people avoid flossing? More than have of those polled said it's too time-consuming. The other top reasons were it's painful or simply ... Read more

Elderly Adults and Bed Rest: Hidden Health Risks

When your aging parent becomes bedridden, through illness or injury, it requires a lot of attention and effort to take care of them. While involuntary confinement to bed may seem like a restful and relaxing option, the truth is that prolonged time in bed can actually cause some additional health risks. Sometimes these health problems can even create more complications for elderly adults. The hidden health risks of being bedridden can be greatly reduced when you get some help from a ... Read more

What Can a Set of Bed Rails Do for Your Elderly Loved One?

Senior Care in Spring Branch TX For an elderly loved one who has mobility issues, bed rails can answer quite a few problems. If your loved one is uncertain about adding these rails to her bed, talk with her about the benefits of having them. Help Her Get into and Out of Bed Easily The bed rails sit at the edge of the bed, so your loved one can use them to ease her way both into and out of her bed. Because they're ... Read more

Is Tai Chi Really Great for Seniors?

Senior Care in Spring Branch TX Tai chi is also known as the longevity exercise. Maybe that’s why it’s become popular among older adults. You can find tai chi classes offered at gyms, senior centers, and you sometimes see groups of people doing it in the park. It’s a low-impact workout that provides health benefits to the body, mind, and emotions. It’s nearly meditative in how it’s done, through slow, thoughtful movements. If your senior parent needs to be more active and ... Read more

July is Eye Injury Prevention Month

Senior Care in Spring Branch TX Eye injuries can be very serious and can range from irritation to blindness. Naturally, avoiding injuries to the eye is the best choice. For seniors, it's especially important to protect eyesight. As people age, their sight often dims a bit due to conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration. Those can't be prevented, although there are treatments to provide relief; Injuries, though, are a different thing. Eye injuries can come from many sources, such as falls, kitchen accidents, ... Read more

Would Home Meal Delivery Benefit Your Aging Loved One?

Senior Care in Spring Branch TX Among the concerns many families have for their elderly loved ones is food. Of specific issue are the demands of shopping and food preparation. While a lot of seniors can handle their own food needs, some may benefit from home delivered meal services. Who can benefit from home delivered meals? Some may think home delivery is for seniors who have mobility issues or who otherwise cannot handle shopping or kitchen tasks. True, those populations do benefit from the ... Read more