Tips for Making the Healthiest Food Shifts in Elderly Years

Has your elderly loved one been eating unhealthily? Do they need to go on a diet or make healthier food choices? If this is the case, there are specific tips to help them make the healthiest food shifts. Hopefully, these tips will help your elderly loved one eat healthier as they have helped other senior citizens and people of different ages, as well. 

Best Food Shifts to Eat Healthier

As noted above, there are various food shifts that your elderly loved one can make to start eating healthier. The more of these shifts they can do, the better it will be for their health. Some of the best food shifts to help your elderly loved one eat better include:

Senior Care Katy, TX: Healthy Eating

Senior Care Katy, TX: Healthy Eating

  • Stop eating high-calorie snacks and start eating more nutrient-rich snacks
  • Stop eating fruit products with added sugars and start eating more fresh fruits
  • Stop eating refined grains and start eating more whole grains
  • Stop eating snacks with added salt/sugar and start eating more snacks without added salt/sugar
  • Stop eating solid fats and start eating more oils

As mentioned, the more of these health shifts your elderly loved one can make, the better it is going to be for their health. It is also important for family caregivers to understand that senior citizens don’t have to make every single one of these shifts at a time. You and senior home care providers can help your elderly loved one to make these shifts over time. 

Best Beverage Shifts to Make in Elderly Years

There are many drinks that senior citizens often consume that are filled with sodium, saturated fats, and sugar. These are very unhealthy. They can lead to obesity, heart problems, and other health issues. You and senior home care providers should help your elderly loved one to make some or all of these beverage shifts:

  • Stop drinking medium cafe lattes with whole milk and drink more small cafe lattes with fat-free milk
  • Stop drinking regular cola and start drinking water or water flavored with fruits and vegetables 
  • Stop drinking sweetened lemon iced tea and start drinking sparkling water with natural lemon flavor

Your elderly loved one may find they really love drinking these healthier alternatives. Sure, it may take them some time to give up or limit the drinks they are having now. However, the more they get used to the healthier options, the easier it will be to stick to those options. 

Top 100-Calorie Snacks 

In addition to the food and drink alternatives noted above, there are some great 100-calorie snacks that your elderly loved one should be eating, too. Some of the greatest options include:

  • Medium-length banana
  • About 20 peanuts
  • Approximately 3 cups of low-fat popcorn
  • 2 regular chocolate cookies
  • ½ a cup of low-fat ice cream
  • 1 scrambled egg with oil 
  • 2 ounces of baked, skinless chicken breast

Many of these options can be made in different ways to add more options to the list of snacks your elderly loved one can have, too. 


If your elderly loved one needs to eat healthier, hopefully, the food, drink, and snack options noted here today can help them to do that. If they need encouragement, you and senior home care providers can help with that. 

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