Long-Term Care Planning

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Whether you’re looking for ways to stay independent yourself or need to arrange caregiving for a loved one, we’ll help you explore all your options. We’ve been helping families and individuals find long-term health care solutions for years – efficiently and affordably.

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Financing Long-Term Care Needs

Sixty-Five Percent of adults will need long-term care in their later years.  Thanks to improvements in medical technology, we are all able to live longer, however at the cost of lowering our quality of life and increased financial burden placed on having enough financial assets to pay for long-term care needs.  Thankfully, there are solutions to protect the assets people have accumulated over their lifetimes and pay for the steadily increasing cost of healthcare without burdening family members and dependence on government subsidies and at a lower quality of care.  The answer lies in either a stand-alone long-term care insurance policy or in a hybrid whole life insurance policy with a long term care rider.  Again, a cookie-cutter solution for everyone isn’t the answer, but with Mr. Gerber’s assistance, a practical and affordable financial plan can be developed and implemented.  Mr. Gerber is an independent insurance agent who has been providing financial solutions to those clients who understand the financial hardships that they have faced with loved ones needing long-term care since 2000.  Let him help you be prepared for your long-term care financial plan.

Long-Term Care Planning in Houston, TX
Long-Term Care Planning in Houston, TX

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