Importance of Communication, Pt. 2

Communication, p2

In many cases, siblings are unable to agree, and their parents’ wishes are ignored. This can lead to additional stress and loss of control, which can accelerate the parents’ mental and physical decline.

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Importance of Communication, Pt. 1

Communication, p1

Having the conversation about home care when your loved one is still able to tell you what they want allows them to maintain some control of their lives if they later become impaired.

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Eight Simple Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Overall Health

Senior Home Care in Spring Branch TX

As people grow older, it’s more essential than ever for them to find ways to stay active, fulfilled, and as healthy as possible. Often seniors are facing chronic health challenges that make this a difficult goal to achieve. Senior home care can make it easier for seniors to do more of the things that can…

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The Importance of In-Home Care for Older Adults with Low Vision

In-Home Care in Memorial TX

As individuals age, their eyesight may become impaired, leading to low vision. Maintaining independence and quality of life for older adults with low vision can be challenging – in such instances, in-home care services play a pivotal role in providing necessary assistance. We explore this aspect further by examining their benefits compared to professional help…

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Recovering From a Stroke

Personal Care at Home in Katy TX

A stroke is something serious that can have permanent damaging impacts on your loved one. A stroke is sometimes called a “brain attack” because it happens when there is a disruption in the supply of blood that flows to the brain. When insufficient blood goes to and from the brain, it leads to dead brain…

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