Do You Know the Benefits of Hiring Personal Care at Home Attendants?

Personal Care at Home in Houston, TX: Hiring Care at Home

As your mom ages, she struggles to take care of herself. Her doctor recommends personal care at home, but you’re not sure what that does and doesn’t cover. What are the benefits of hiring personal care attendants? She Doesn’t Have to Shower On Her Own When your mom’s joints ache or her stamina is diminishing,…

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Tips for Making the Healthiest Food Shifts in Elderly Years

Senior Care Katy, TX: Healthy Eating

Has your elderly loved one been eating unhealthily? Do they need to go on a diet or make healthier food choices? If this is the case, there are specific tips to help them make the healthiest food shifts. Hopefully, these tips will help your elderly loved one eat healthier as they have helped other senior…

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Six Tips for Better Mobility for Your Senior

In-Home Care in Katy, TX: Better Mobility

Hindered mobility can cause your elderly family member to do even less, which then becomes a vicious cycle. The less your senior moves, the less stable she becomes and the more difficult it is for her to be safely mobile when she does need to move. Following a few of these tips can help her…

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4 Things Not to Say To A Senior With Alzheimer’s

Companion Care at Home Houston, TX: Conversations and Alzheimer’s

Sometimes talking with a senior loved one that has Alzheimer’s is exhausting. It can try your patience to have the same conversation over and over. And sometimes you may say the wrong thing to that person out of frustration, weariness, or just a wish that they could still hold a conversation with you the way…

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Senior Activities To Celebrate Easter

24-Hour Home Care in Meyeland, TX: Easter Activities

Easter is coming up, and many people around the world will be celebrating it. If you have an older loved one, it is time to plan activities that both your kids and parents enjoy. Holidays can be stressful for everyone, and this may be the best time to hire 24-hour home care for your seniors.…

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Tips for the Best Meditation in Elderly Years

There are many senior citizens who are stressed out these days. With so much chaos and disarray in the world, it is no wonder why anxiety, depression, and stress levels are on the rise in the elderly and in other generations. With this being said, there are some tips for meditation that you can share…

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What Women Over 65 Need To Know About Breast Cancer

February is National Cancer Prevention Month and during the month of February senior women especially should learn as much as they can about how breast cancer impacts senior women. If you have a senior woman in your family you should also find out more about the symptoms of breast cancer in seniors and what you…

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The Importance of an Advocate

Elder Care in Spring Branch TX: Planning Ahead

Recently, a woman contacted S. Gerber & Associates for advice. She had just learned that her mother, who had had surgery on a broken neck, was being discharged from the nursing home in two days. She’d assumed that, given her mother’s need for rehabilitation, her mother would be in the nursing home long-term, so she…

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Have You Considered How You’ll Take a Night Off for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is here, and you’d like to go out, but you’re not sure how. Your mom and dad rely on you to help them. If you take a night off, they’d be alone, and that’s not an acceptable option. How are you supposed to take time off when you’re the primary family caregiver? Make…

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Family Caregivers Need Support Too: Here’s How You Can Get It

Are you becoming a family caregiver for your elderly loved one? Maybe, you have already been caring for them for quite some time. Either way, it is crucial that you remember your own physical and mental health are important. You need to care for yourself. The truth is that in order to provide the best…

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