Our In-Home Care Services

Personal Caregiving Services is licensed to provide non-medical intervention, supervision and assistance to anyone with the following care needs, regardless of whether these needs are acute or for a short period of time or chronic for a longer period of time:

Personal Care

Where You Want It:

Whether it’s a home you’ve owned and lived in for years, an assisted living community, an independent retirement community, or even when hospitalized, Personal Caregiving Services will be there.

When You Need It:

Personal Caregiving Services provides flexible schedules to accommodate the Client’s or family’s needs. We maintain an on-call staff around the clock, every day of the year, to address scheduling, health, and safety issues.

As Much As You Need:

Our role is to assist the client whenever necessary, yet promote and encourage the client to continue to do as much as he or she can do independently.

As Long As You Need:

There are no long-term commitments. All we need is 24 hours notice.

Giving new meaning to “Personal Care”

Activities of Daily Living:

Assistance with activities of daily living including dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, eating, transferring, ambulation, exercising, toileting, incontinent care, and bathing to name a few. Our caregivers may provide various levels of care within each one of these categories from merely supervision to standby assistance to total care. Remember our mission is to promote our client’s independence as much as possible and allow them to do as much for themselves as they physically and mentally are capable of.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care:

Since a large number of Personal Caregiving Services clients are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and/or stroke, the majority of our caregivers are specially trained, educated, and have had practical work experience in managing people afflicted with these medical conditions and the challenging behaviors and special attention these clients require.

Medication Reminders:

While Personal Caregiving Services is not allowed to set-up or administer medications except under special circumstances, our caregivers are permitted to remind clients when to take their medications, and to supervise them accordingly while being observant of any side effects. Our caregivers can also call the pharmacy when a client’s medication is needing to be re-filled.

Caregivers Communicate and Report:

Caregivers communicate and report the client’s physical and mental condition, as well as services and treatments provided, meals and liquids consumed, vital signs, to name a few. This written communication is documented for each assignment and is available to oncoming caregivers, the client’s family members, and the client’s physician. The purpose of this communication to communicate a client’s changes as soon as they occur in order to resolve medical issues before they become major health problems later.

Taking Vital Signs:


Taking vital signs including but not limited to blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and blood sugar testing can be performed with initial approval by a health care professional and/or waived by the client or their responsible party.

Observation for Any Health Changes:

Observation for any significant Health changes whether physical or mental. Remember the goal of Personal Caregiving Services is to try to keep clients at home for as long as possible and avoid admissions to the hospital by detecting health changes early enough before more serious medical complications and symptoms occur.

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Preparation of Home Cooked Meals

Our caregivers are able to prepare simple to complex meals catered to our client’s individual preferences and tastes or based on dietary restrictions if any. Our caregivers understand how important well-balanced and nutritional meals are to our clients’ well-being and to their quality of life.

Light Housekeeping and Laundry

Our caregivers also understand how important it is to maintain a safe, clean home environment for our clients, no matter where they call home! Because this means so much to our clients’ quality of life, our caregivers take on the responsibility of cleaning, organizing, and straightening up the client’s home as a routine responsibility. And because clients want to look and feel their best, caregivers are also required to wash clients’ clothes either routinely or on an as needed basis.

Shopping and Errands

Need to grocery shop or pick up medications at the pharmacy? All of our caregivers have vehicles to do whatever shopping or errands need to be done for each of our clients. This is especially helpful when family members are unavailable during the day due to work or other commitments or obligations.

Answer the Door/Telephone

Our caregivers can be personal assistants to answer the doorbell or telephone as the need arises.

Collect Mail/Newspaper

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Accompany to Appointments

Whether it’s to the beauty shop, barber, physician, or just an outing, our caregivers can relieve our clients from having to worry about fighting traffic, finding a parking spot, and getting in and out of the car. Instead, our caregivers can even schedule the appointment, keep a calendar on behalf of the client, drive the client to the appointment, and even communicate with the client’s family or spouse about a doctor’s visit. As often is the case, especially with confused or demented clients, or even with those who are not as confused, but just ill and overwhelmed, the caregiver can be very useful to the client and to the family.

Participation with Activities/Hobbies

Part of our caregivers responsibility is to promote, motivate, and engage our clients in meaningful and stimulating activities that include but aren’t limited to reading to, reminiscence therapy, music therapy, arts and crafts, exercise, puzzles, dominos, and attendance at group activities and social gatherings outside of the home. Once again Personal Caregiving Services and its caregivers understand the significant role that structured and stimulating activities has on promoting our clients’ dignity, independence, and physical and mental well-being.

Building Friendships and Relationships

It is always the intention of Personal Caregiving Services caregivers to develop a bond with each of our clients. A trusting relationship based on compassion, a caring attitude, and a prevalent optimism to enjoy life albeit with some of our clients’ limitations is essential. These minimum ingredients are tailored into each of our clients individual needs and interests with the hope that we can build a lasting relationship as long as our caregivers are needed.


As mentioned above, our caregivers can provide their own cars and are adequately insured to protect its occupants or clients during transport. Clients may prefer to use their own cars if they wish and our caregivers can drive as long as the client has adequate auto liability insurance.

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Occasionally you may need a ride to run errands, go to your doctor’s appointment, take a trip to the grocery store, to the pharmacy, or just would like a ride to get out of the house.

Personal Caregiving Services can help by providing an insured and bonded driver to pick you up, stay with you, and return you home. All that we require is that you are ambulatory and can ride comfortably in a regular, non-handicapped equipped vehicle.

All of our drivers are caregivers who have valid Texas driver’s licenses and carry their own liability automobile insurance. For a doctor’s appointment, our caregivers are capable of communicating with your physician, can take notes (with your approval), make follow up appointments, and can report back to your family member about what was discussed with the doctor. Plus, if you need to stop off at the pharmacy or grocery store, our driver can also do that as well. There is no long-term contract or commitment. Use us one time or on a short-term basis!

  • One of our caregivers will come to your home.
  • We’ll help you get ready and assist you to the car.
  • We’ll transport you to your doctor’s office or to run errands.
  • We’ll wait for you while you’re seeing the doctor or running errands.
  • We’ll take notes of your doctor’s instructions and make a follow-up appointment.
  • We’ll take your prescription to the pharmacy and wait for it.
  • We’ll return you home.
  • As an additional option, our caregiver will help you prepare a meal or assist you with a bath or shower.

Because these trips may last only a couple of hours or less, ask about our fixed flat visit or transportation rate.

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