4 Bad Habits That Could Lead to Prediabetes

Prediabetes is not really a condition—it’s a precursor to a condition, one that can be very dangerous—type 2 diabetes. People who are prediabetic have elevated blood sugar levels, but not so high that they can be diagnosed with diabetes. Prediabetes is preventable by leading a healthy lifestyle and knocking out some bad habits that can lead to elevated blood sugar. Below are 4 bad habits to watch for (and eliminate!) in your aging relative to reduce their risk for prediabetes.


#1: Overeating

Home Care Memorial, TX: Prediabetes and Seniors

Overeating is common in the United States. Go to nearly any restaurant and the plates are heaped with oversized portions. Unfortunately, those oversized portions aren’t just in restaurants, they also appear in dining rooms across the country. Learn what proper portion sizes are and try to help your aging relative to reduce their portions until they reach the right size. The reason overeating can lead to prediabetes is that it causes weight gain and being overweight or obese is one of the risk factors for prediabetes.


#2: Eating a Lot of Red Meat
Red meat has been linked to a higher risk for prediabetes. This is likely because red meats contain saturated fats, which can lead to weight gain and other health problems. This doesn’t mean your aging relative can’t ever eat red meat, it just means they need to watch their portion sizes and eat it less often. Try replacing red meat with lean sources of protein, such as fish, poultry, and plant-based proteins.


#3: Drinking Fruit Juice
Many people think of juicing as being healthy. While it’s true that it can help seniors to get more fruit into their diets, the truth is that drinking fruit juice instead of eating whole fruit has been associated with a higher risk of prediabetes. Juicing eliminates the fiber and other nutrients in whole fruit. Seniors can certainly drink a glass of juice now and then, just make sure they also eat whole fruit and that the juice they drink doesn’t contain added sugar.


#4: Sitting Too Much
Today’s technology tends to keep people sitting more. They spend a lot of time in front of screens watching television programs and movies, surfing the Internet, and connecting with others via social media. While there’s nothing wrong with any of those things, if your aging relative is always sitting and not spending time being physically active, they are increasing the likelihood of prediabetes. Exercise helps to use up sugar in the blood to create energy, so it keeps blood sugar levels down.


If your aging relative is engaging in these bad habits, home care can help them to change the way they live. Home care providers can prepare healthy meals and snacks that promote good health using lean proteins, plenty of vegetables, and fresh, whole fruits. Home care providers can also keep portion sizes in line while still preparing filling dishes. In addition, a home care provider can encourage your older family member to be more physically active at home and by driving them to activities outside the home, such as a golf game with friends or an exercise class.


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