How Can Families Adapt the Home Environment for Seniors to Be Safer?

Home Care Assistance in Sugar Land TXA senior’s home environment has to adapt to their needs, especially if they want to age in place. Safety is a huge issue for aging adults and it’s important for family caregivers to understand what needs to change in order to keep seniors safe in their homes. Home care assistance can help families to notice what needs to change and how to do so quickly for their aging adults.

Entries and Exits

Entryways and exits are a huge safety concern, not just because they’re necessary during an emergency, but also because of daily use. Some seniors may need to have a ramp installed so that they can use a wheelchair, for instance. Handrails need to be secure and outdoor lighting needs to be bright enough to see well. Automatic lights with motion sensors are a great idea.

Living Areas

The main living areas are another area that needs some attention for safety reasons. If furniture isn’t already arranged for ease of walking, that needs to change. Non-slip flooring needs to take the place of loose rugs or slippery flooring to prevent tripping or falling. Sturdy furniture ensures that seniors have something to lean on if they need extra support as they stand or sit.


In the kitchen, it might be necessary to rearrange some of the items in the cabinets and drawers. Making items that are used frequently more accessible can be an important way to keep seniors safe. Getting on a stepstool is often not a great idea for aging adults, especially if they already have mobility concerns. It’s also a good idea to ensure that seniors have additional support with meal preparation and other tasks, including from elder care providers.


Bathrooms have all sorts of safety options, particularly for seniors. Swapping a traditional tub for a walk-in shower or tub might be an option for some seniors. For other seniors, big renovations may not be the answer. Shower chairs, transfer benches, and other shower accommodations may work a lot better. It’s also possible for personal care at home to help seniors bathe safely while maintaining their dignity.


Seniors spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, whether they’re sleeping or just spending some time relaxing. These rooms need to be as safe as possible for them. Clearing pathways, just like in main living areas, helps seniors to maneuver safely in the bedroom. It might also be a good idea to consider solutions like adjustable beds, bed rails, and bedside lighting.

Hallways and Stairways

It’s great for a stairway to have a solid handrail, but it’s even better if there is a handrail on each side. That way seniors have something to hold onto no matter which side of the stairway they’re on. Hallways are another great place for handrails. Both locations need proper lighting, so consider motion-sensing lights to make it even easier to light them.

Home care assistance can notice safety issues that seniors might be facing and bring those to the attention of family caregivers so that they can get them corrected quickly. Seniors deserve to have a safe, secure home in which to age in place and home care helps them to have that.

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Sid Gerber