4 Ways to Help Your Parent Age in Place

Many older adults hope to remain in their own homes as they get older. They hope to avoid moving into assisted living facilities or nursing homes. When seniors are able to stay in their homes as they get older, it is called “aging in place.” If your elderly parent has asked that you not place them in a nursing home someday, there are ways you can help them to remain in their home, like the 4 tips listed below.


#1: Determine the Kinds of Help They Might Need

Senior Care Spring Branch, TX:Ways to Help Your Parent Age in Place

Spend some time talking to your parent about what kinds of tasks are currently difficult for them. If they have a medical condition that will get worse over time, think about how it will affect their ability to do crucial tasks in the future. Knowing what is needed makes determining if aging in place is even possible as well as how much care they will need if they do stay at home.

#2: Make the Bathroom Safer
The bathroom needs to be easily accessible for your parent. It must also be as safe as possible since falls in the bathroom are common because of water combined with smooth surfaces. Consider changing the bathroom faucet to one that uses lever-like handles to turn on instead of knobs that need to be turned. Grip can get weaker with age and arthritis can make turning knobs hard, so a lever handle that can be turned on using any part of the hand may be helpful. In addition, add grab bars near the toilet and shower to give them something to hold to maintain their balance. If there are not currently non-slip strips or a mat in the shower, add them.

#3: Arrange for Transportation
Even if your parent is still able to drive now, it’s possible they may not be able to in the future. Without the ability to drive, older adults have difficulty getting out of the house to socialize with others, which can lead to loneliness and depression. In addition, it makes doing things like grocery shopping and going to medical appointments difficult. Find out what kind of transportation is available in the area or if there are friends and family members who would be willing to drive them places.

#4: Hire Senior Care
Your parent may not currently need a great deal of help but involving senior care now to come for just a few hours per week can make it easier to step up care if it becomes necessary in the future. Your parent may be more willing to accept a greater level of care in the future when they become used to having a senior care provider around slowly. Start with having a senior care provider come a few times per week to assist with things like cleaning the house or cooking some meals. That way, when your parent needs other kinds of help, such as with dressing or bathing, they feel more comfortable allowing senior care to help.


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