Have You Thought About the Impact of Moving Your Dad in With You?

Your dad needs help with daily activities of living. It’s apparent that living at home alone isn’t safe anymore. When that happens, many families consider moving their parents into their home. It’s an option that works well for some families, but there are things you need to consider.


Where Will He Sleep?

Home Care Memorial, TX: Moving Your Dad in With You

If you have a limited number of bedrooms, who is going to have to give one up? Your dad will want his privacy. He’s used to living alone. Often, it’s your children who will be moved into a shared room. That works well in some situations, but it may not if you have a son and daughter who are older and want privacy.

You may find it works better to convert a den into a bedroom when possible. If there is no door to the den area, look at sliding barn-style doors. You can get DIY track kits and doors from home improvement stores. As long as there’s some wall to attach the door to, you won’t have to frame a new wall for a door.


You’ll All Lose Some Privacy

Even with a lot of planning, everyone is going to lose some privacy. An extra person is looking to use the bathroom. You’ll have your dad there during gatherings, game nights, TV/movie hours, and meals.

There’s an extra person in the house at night and noise levels will need to be watched when it’s his preferred bedtime. Not all houses have walls that are insulated enough to add a level of soundproofing. It will be an adjustment.


Conflicts Regarding House Rules Are Likely

Your dad is used to his house and his rules. In your home, you have rules of your own. He may not love having you telling him what to do. He may set rules that he expects you and your children to follow, but it’s your home and you resent them. This is a common conflict and both sides have to compromise.

Some of the areas where the biggest house rules occur are the thermostat settings. You may want it at 68 to keep heating costs down, but he’s too cold if it’s not set at 75. He may let your kids have that snack before dinner or give them ice cream after you’ve said no. You have to find a way to make sure everyone follows a set list of rules.

Moving your dad into your home may seem easiest, but you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons for everyone in your household. There may be home care arrangements that work better. Call a home care agency to learn more about the costs and services.


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