Six Ideas for Helping Your Senior Practice Preventative Care

Senior Home Care Bellaire, TX: Preventative Care

When your aging family member is more proactive about her health, safety, and well-being, that’s going to enable her to better address issues when they crop up. There’s a lot that your senior can do to ensure that she’s ready to address a variety of potential issues before they even crop up. Assess How She’s…

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Good Tea Options for Seniors

Home Care River Oaks TX: Seniors and Tea

It might be difficult for certain elderly people to walk about because of chronic discomfort or inflammation. Home care aims to help the elderly person stay as independent as possible, yet encouraging mobility may be painful if there is swelling or inflammation. The beautiful thing about today’s world is there are loads of natural therapies…

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Why Your Senior May Want Rehabilitation Care After Breast Cancer

Elder Care West University Place, TX: Breast Cancer

When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, and you don’t live with them or know the plan, it might seem like the end of the world. Although you may not have all the information you need right now, you and your parent may want to look into hiring elder care before your parent…

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What Do You Need to Know about Protecting Your Senior’s Skin from the Sun?

Home Care Services Meyerland, TX: Sun Protection

June is Cancer from the Sun Month, which is a month devoted to educating people about the dangers of sun damage. If your elderly family member is going to be spending some time outside, it’s important to make sure she’s protected as much as possible from sun damage. Find and Use a Good Sunscreen It’s…

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Take the Stress Out of Dental Check-Ups With These Tricks

Home Care Services West University Place, TX: Dental Check-Ups

Your dad is one of the six million with Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. As he can’t be alone, you work from home and take care of him. One of the biggest challenges you face falls on appointment days. Dental exams are the worst. When he was healthy, he didn’t like going to see his…

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Do You Know the Benefits of Hiring Personal Care at Home Attendants?

Personal Care at Home in Houston, TX: Hiring Care at Home

As your mom ages, she struggles to take care of herself. Her doctor recommends personal care at home, but you’re not sure what that does and doesn’t cover. What are the benefits of hiring personal care attendants? She Doesn’t Have to Shower On Her Own When your mom’s joints ache or her stamina is diminishing,…

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Tips for Making the Healthiest Food Shifts in Elderly Years

Senior Care Katy, TX: Healthy Eating

Has your elderly loved one been eating unhealthily? Do they need to go on a diet or make healthier food choices? If this is the case, there are specific tips to help them make the healthiest food shifts. Hopefully, these tips will help your elderly loved one eat healthier as they have helped other senior…

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Six Tips for Better Mobility for Your Senior

In-Home Care in Katy, TX: Better Mobility

Hindered mobility can cause your elderly family member to do even less, which then becomes a vicious cycle. The less your senior moves, the less stable she becomes and the more difficult it is for her to be safely mobile when she does need to move. Following a few of these tips can help her…

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4 Things Not to Say To A Senior With Alzheimer’s

Companion Care at Home Houston, TX: Conversations and Alzheimer’s

Sometimes talking with a senior loved one that has Alzheimer’s is exhausting. It can try your patience to have the same conversation over and over. And sometimes you may say the wrong thing to that person out of frustration, weariness, or just a wish that they could still hold a conversation with you the way…

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Senior Activities To Celebrate Easter

24-Hour Home Care in Meyeland, TX: Easter Activities

Easter is coming up, and many people around the world will be celebrating it. If you have an older loved one, it is time to plan activities that both your kids and parents enjoy. Holidays can be stressful for everyone, and this may be the best time to hire 24-hour home care for your seniors.…

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