While yearly check-ups may not be a lot of fun for you, it’s important. Many health issues are treatable when caught early. You can also prevent many diseases by making sure your vaccinations are current. Vaccines for shingles, tetanus, the flu, and several other common diseases are important to keep up-to-date with boosters. 
Family caregivers often struggle to find time to get their yearly health exam. Taking time away from your parents when they rely on you is challenging. You can’t bring them with you to the doctor’s office, so it’s easier to put an appointment off. It’s not a good idea. Too many missed appointments could allow a health issue to progress. 
Tests and Vaccines Depend on Your Age

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The tests you undergo depend a lot on your age. At any age during your adulthood, blood pressure, height/weight, mole checks, and cholesterol tests are important. Eye exams and dental exams are also urged if you haven’t already gone. 
In your 40s, your doctor may recommend women have their first mammogram. Some doctors wait until the age of 50 if there’s no family history. A blood test for liver, kidney, and thyroid function may be recommended. Tests to check for pre-diabetes are common. 
By the time you reach 50, a shingles vaccination gets added to the list of shots to consider. Other tests depend on your gender. Mammograms and pap smears are important for women. Men should talk to their doctor about prostate exams. Colonoscopies are also important preventative tests to look for cancerous cells and tumors when they’re in their earliest stages. 
When you turn 60, the shingles vaccine is very important if you haven’t already had it. Some doctors recommend a lung x-ray for smokers. Depression screenings are another part of the exam that shouldn’t be overlooked. 
From the 60s on, you’ll have boosters for vaccines as needed. Eventually, women may stop needing pap smears. Men should discuss if a prostate exam is still needed yearly. 
Schedule Respite Care to Ensure You Take Breaks 
One service that home care agencies offers can help you keep up with your medical appointments. Respite care is a service where a professional caregiver comes to your parents’ home and takes over while you attend to your own needs. 
With a caregiver helping your parents for the day, run errands, go see your doctor, and head home for an afternoon. You could schedule a late afternoon appointment and sleep in late. Call a home care agency to make arrangements.


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