When Does Your Senior Need Hospital To Home Transition Care

Home Care in West University TXIf your loved one has a hospital stay coming up you may be wondering if they need to hire home care, specifically hospital to home transition care? There are certain things to think about when deciding on whether or not this is a service that your senior loved one needs. Here is what to think about and how to make the best decision for your loved one.

Think About the Surgery

Your loved one may have a hospital stay coming up and if it isn’t for surgery they may not need hospital to home transition care. This is a professional who can help your loved one get to their home and live well and recover after surgery or even a long illness. However, this is not something that all seniors need and it is going to be dependent on who your loved one is, what surgery they are getting done, and if it is a necessary step to take. You or a doctor needs to evaluate a senior to see if this is something worth their time.

Talk to Their Doctor

If you have no idea what your senior loved one will need before, during, or after a hospital stay, this is when talking to a doctor is so crucial. Most likely, a senior will be working with a doctor before a hospital stay and it is going to be important that the senior and whoever is looking after them has all of the information. A doctor may already be recommending hospital to home transition care and if that is the case it’s important you listen. If this is a service you think would be good for your mom or dad you should be asking them about it. A doctor will always be open and honest with you and their patients.

Understand a Senior’s Needs First

All seniors will have different needs and with those needs come different levels of care and maybe even different professionals. When you are talking about hiring a professional with a doctor, you need to understand what a senior is going to need. If they need someone to manage the house and routine they may need a basic home care service, if they need something like dressing changing or wound care they may need a skilled nurse. It is so crucial for a doctor and an adult child to look at the needs of a senior before hiring any kind of professional. You need to get the right person in place before a senior comes home from the hospital stay.

Think About How Well They Follow Instructions

Your loved one may think they can handle following instructions, but this comes down to knowing a person and seeing how well they feel. After a surgery or hospital stay they may be in too much pain to follow the directions well. Your loved one should have someone they can rely on who will help them rest, relax, and recover. A senior may need someone else to manage their schedule and read through all of the information a doctor has given them. The best way to do that is with the help of hospital to home transition care.

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Sid Gerber