How Do You Know If You’ve Created the Best Plan for Alzheimer’s Care?

An Alzheimer’s care plan must be carefully considered when you have a parent with dementia. Care needs change, and sometimes those changes appear seemingly overnight.

These are the conversations you need to have with your family. It’s crucial to develop the best plan for the care services your mom or dad needs now and in the future.

Consider the Dangers of Alzheimer’s When Creating a Care Plan

In-Home Care Katy, TX: Alzheimer’s Care

Some of the signs of Alzheimer’s are dangerous ones. Your mom still tries to cook meals, but once she’s put the item in the oven or turned on a burner, she forgets about it. An hour later, she’s in her room taking a nap, and the item she started cooking is on fire.

That’s just one of the dangers that occur as Alzheimer’s progresses. You may need to shut off the electricity or gas to her appliances. You need to hire caregivers to cook all meals for her. She may not like relying on others to cook her meals, but it’s important.

Wandering, loss of mobility, and anger are other dangerous situations that occur in some Alzheimer’s patients. Your dad may get so angry that he grabs a golf club and swings it at anyone who comes near him. Your mom may have a hard time on stairs and fall when she tries to walk down them by herself.

Think Outside the Box

It may seem like a cliched phrase, but you have to think outside the box with Alzheimer’s. Every person with this form of dementia will experience symptoms at different rates. Sometimes, the things others experience never appear in your mom or dad. And, your parent may seem to go through every possible sign faster than expected.

For example, your mom may stop sleeping. For several nights in a row, she goes to bed at her usual bedtime and is up an hour later feeling wide awake and refreshed. You need sleep, but she’s awake and making a lot of noise. As sleep deprivation sets in, you’ll find it’s hard to function. You need in-home care services to get the sleep you so desperately need.

Arrange In-Home Care As Early As Possible

Talk to an expert in in-home care services and go over the care plan you feel is best. They’re experienced and have the knowledge needed to guide you into other needs your parent may have now or in the future. Call an in-home care agency to learn more about care plans and how to make sure they adapt to changing needs.

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