Recovering From a Stroke

Personal Care at Home in Katy TXA stroke is something serious that can have permanent damaging impacts on your loved one. A stroke is sometimes called a “brain attack” because it happens when there is a disruption in the supply of blood that flows to the brain. When insufficient blood goes to and from the brain, it leads to dead brain cells. This is why strokes can be so scary for your loved one aging in place and why the recovery process is crucial for your loved one. Here are some things you can do to ensure your loved one recovers well after having a stroke.

Hire Personal Care at Home

Of course, you want to be there for your elderly mom or dad, and the truth is you should be. However, that is not always best for your elderly family member. They may not want to rely on you for certain things and may find it easier to rely on personal care at home after having a stroke. They may be unable to do everything they used to, like getting dressed, bathing, or even brushing their teeth. Even though it is hard for them to do these things to be healthy, they still have to do them daily.

Unfortunately, asking their adult child for help in these areas can make them feel bad and like a burden. Your roles are starting to reverse, and they still want to maintain some form of independence. Luckily, personal care at home is the answer to this problem. They are professionals who can help seniors regain independence and continue living on their own for as long as possible. Personal care at home can help your loved one with the things they don’t want your help with. This takes the stress away from you and also allows them to feel more comfortable with the situation.

Above all else, your seniors should be comfortable in their homes, and that will help them recover faster after a stroke. It’s time to find the right person who has experience working with stroke patients. It’s okay to look at several people for this job and ask as many questions as needed. A good doctor may even be able to recommend a company or a specific person who provides personal care at home.

Modify Their Homes Before They Get Home

Often, after having a stroke, your loved one will have a social worker. They will walk around a senior’s home to see what needs to change. You can start changing things before your elderly mom or dad gets home from the hospital. If your loved one does not have a social worker helping them, you can take the initiative and walk around their homes to spot anything that could be dangerous. They may not see well after a stroke, so they have no idea if there are loose rugs, cords, or anything that could harm them.

Continue Seeing the Doctor

There is a chance that after having a stroke, your loved one went to the ER. But their doctor should have also been informed that their patient had a stroke and their loved one will be closely managed after that. This means your senior mom or dad should go to their checkups and always be in communication with the doctor. This will allow their care plan and recovery to go much smoother.

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Sid Gerber