Does your elderly loved one have symptoms of depression? If so, it is important that they get the help that is needed before their depression gets more severe. Millions of adults and others have depression every single year. If depression isn’t treated, this could impact your elderly loved one’s life in numerous ways. It can affect their physical activity, current health issues, socialization, and much more. If you can spot the signs of depression in your elderly loved one, you can help them to overcome it.  

Depression Signs for the Elderly

 Senior Care in Houston, TX: Seniors and Depression

Many people believe that sadness is the only sign of depression. However, this is not the case. While some elderly people will only experience sadness, there are others who experience more than that. Some of the signs that your elderly loved one might have if they are depressed include the following: 

  • Feeling helpless 
  • Feeling hopeless 
  • Appetite changes (eating too much or not eating enough) 
  • Sleeping changes (sleeping too much or not sleeping enough) 
  • Not having energy 
  • Not having an interest in things they once enjoyed 
  • Not taking care of personal hygiene 
  • Memory issues 
  • Complaining about bodily pain that wasn’t there before 

These are some of the signs that you or an elder care provider might notice if your elderly loved one is depressed. If you suspect your loved one is depressed, you should have them see their doctor for a treatment plan.  

Combating Depression in Natural Ways 

The good news is that if your elderly loved one is depressed, there are some natural ways that they can combat this condition. Some of the things they can do include the following: 

  • Reducing their isolation – Spending more time with their friends and family members  
  • Being more active – Research shows that physical activity can help to improve one’s mood 
  • Doing new things – Doing something new can give your elderly loved one something to look forward to and something to enjoy  
  • Getting home care services – If your elderly loved one doesn’t already have an elder care provider, getting one can offer them some companionship 

These are some of the natural ways that your elderly loved one can combat their depression. 


It can be difficult for anyone to deal with depression. However, if your elderly loved one follows these tips, they can try to make a change in their life. They can try to improve their mood and overcome their depression.  


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