Signs of Dementia In Seniors Families Should Be Watching For

According to the CDC nearly 6 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and more are diagnosed every year. Some cognitive decline is a normal occurrence as seniors get older. So if you are noticing some signs of cognitive decline in a senior parent that might not mean they have Alzheimer’s. The most common signs of Alzheimer’s in seniors that that families should be on the lookout for are:

Trouble Problem Solving

Alzheimers Care in River Oaks, TX: Signs of Dementia

Alzheimers Care in River Oaks, TX: Signs of Dementia

If you notice that your senior parent is starting to have trouble problem solving or using logic skills when completing tasks that could be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Ask your senior loved one to do something follow a recipe or make a list and if they are having trouble doing that you should make an appointment to have them screened for Alzheimer’s. 

Confusion About Daily Activities

Does your senior loved one suddenly seem to forget how to turn on the microwave or the washing machine? Do they seem puzzled about how to make coffee? Or fold the laundry? If you notice that a senior parent seems to be confused about how to do tasks they have done every day or nearly every day for decades that is a red flag that needs to be followed up on. 


Seniors who have Alzheimer’s may often appear disoriented. They may not know what day or time it is or even what year it is. After the pandemic that disorientation might seem more normal that it would have seemed a few years ago but it’s really not normal. Your senior loved one may also sometimes talk like they are experiencing something from the past. To them that past event might feel like it’s happening right now. Seniors who are experiencing this kind of fluid memory may be startled when you tell them that memory was from a decade ago. 

Poor Judgement

Another symptom of Alzheimer’s is that seniors may start to exhibit poor judgement. Your senior parent may run a red light or a stop sign when they are driving. Or make a huge purchase on something they don’t really need or want, like a new car. If your senior loved one seems to making questionable choices that is a sign that you should talk to their doctor and see about getting them tested for Alzheimer’s.

If your senior loved one does have Alzheimer’s there will be a lot for you to learn and absorb. But you don’t have to take on caring for a senior parent with Alzheimer’s all alone. Alzheimer’s care designed to meet the unique needs of seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia is available. Alzheimer’s care can help you care for your senior parent no matter what stage of Alzheimer’s your senior loved one is in. And when you’re overwhelmed with caring for a parent struggling with dementia Alzheimer’s care is here to give you the break that you need when it all seems like it’s too much to handle. 

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