One of the worries that family caregivers have is that their elderly loved one will fall when nobody is around. If your elderly loved one has not fallen yet, these tips for helping them to get up safely after a fall can help. If they have already fallen, be sure to use these tips if they do fall again.

Time on the Floor

Elder Care in Katy, TX: Senior Safety and Falls

If your elderly loved one does fall, it is important that they don’t spend too much staying on the floor. Yes, they should sit there for a moment to make sure they are alright to stand up. However, if they are on the floor for too long, that could make it even more difficult for them to get up. If they aren’t able to get up, they might need someone to stay with them most of the time. You can hire elder care providers if that is needed.

Stay Calm

It is very important that your elderly loved one and everyone that is in their home stays calm if they fall. If everyone is getting overwhelmed, this can stress your elderly loved one out. It can cause them to have more tension in their body, which can potentially hurt them further if they were injured. If your elderly loved one falls, it is important to assess what happened. Then, if you or an elder care provider are there, someone should help them to get up.

Lie Down if Needed

If your elderly loved one or someone that is there feels your loved one is injured, they should lie there for a bit. If there is bleeding, that should get under control and assessed first. If your elderly loved one hit their back or head, those injuries should be assessed as well. Does the injury seem too bad? If so, you should have your elderly loved one stay there while someone calls 9-1-1. Keep your elderly loved one still until medical help arrives.

Crawl if Needed

If your elderly loved one doesn’t have too severe of an injury, but they don’t feel they can walk, they can crawl to a chair or seat. This is a good idea if they are feeling dizzy or if they are having a tough time regaining their balance.


These are some of the tips that can help if your elderly loved one has fallen. Now that you have these tips, you can ensure the proper steps are taken if your loved one falls in their home.

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