Home Remedies Seniors Can Use To Stop Bloating

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Seniors who are struggling with bloat should know that it’s very common for people to have issues with bloating as they get older. Changes in gut health, changes in diet, changes in exercise habits, and other factors can cause increased bloating. Certain medications, muscle loss, and hormonal changes from menopause can also cause bloating. Bloating…

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Helping Seniors Overcome Fear of Needles

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Trypanophobia is the fear of needles and shots. Many people of all ages have this fear. However, it can be especially hard for older people because they often need different medical treatments and shots to stay healthy. It’s important to get over this fear because avoiding needed medical care can lead to bigger issues. In…

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Home Care Facts About Melanoma

Melanoma: Home Care in Katy, TX

It may seem like there are a lot of healthcare issues that seniors need to watch out for. When seniors are proactive about their health, they may be able to prevent some serious health problems, including melanoma. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can appear anywhere on the body. Most seniors don’t think…

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More Testimonials From Our Wonderful Clients!

“I believe the caregiver or companion’s skills are well matched with my family member’s needs” B.N.   “You can clearly tell my parents’ caregiver has a significant amount of experience with patients with a decline in mental cognition. I have seen her incorporate techniques needed to help settle my parents down. She has also coached…

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Home Care Can Help Seniors Battle Allergies

Senior Allergies: Home Care River Oaks TX

Allergies can be seriously uncomfortable for seniors to deal with, and they can worsen health conditions if they don’t limit the impacts of allergies. Things like asthma, sinus infections, and respiratory infections can worsen during allergy season, so it’s important to focus on minimizing allergies. How can you do that? Most people, including you and…

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Home Care Assistance Tips to Keep Seniors Active

Active Seniors: Home Care Assistance Spring Branch TX

The simple act of being active offers a wide range of benefits for seniors. From maintaining a healthy body weight to socializing with friends, continued activity as seniors age is vital. Remaining active is possible with home care assistance. Supportive team members can encourage seniors to stay involved in a time that might be confusing…

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