Good Tea Options for Seniors

Home Care River Oaks TX: Seniors and Tea

It might be difficult for certain elderly people to walk about because of chronic discomfort or inflammation. Home care aims to help the elderly person stay as independent as possible, yet encouraging mobility may be painful if there is swelling or inflammation. The beautiful thing about today’s world is there are loads of natural therapies…

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Why Your Senior May Want Rehabilitation Care After Breast Cancer

Elder Care West University Place, TX: Breast Cancer

When someone you care about is diagnosed with cancer, and you don’t live with them or know the plan, it might seem like the end of the world. Although you may not have all the information you need right now, you and your parent may want to look into hiring elder care before your parent…

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What Do You Need to Know about Protecting Your Senior’s Skin from the Sun?

Home Care Services Meyerland, TX: Sun Protection

June is Cancer from the Sun Month, which is a month devoted to educating people about the dangers of sun damage. If your elderly family member is going to be spending some time outside, it’s important to make sure she’s protected as much as possible from sun damage. Find and Use a Good Sunscreen It’s…

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Take the Stress Out of Dental Check-Ups With These Tricks

Home Care Services West University Place, TX: Dental Check-Ups

Your dad is one of the six million with Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. As he can’t be alone, you work from home and take care of him. One of the biggest challenges you face falls on appointment days. Dental exams are the worst. When he was healthy, he didn’t like going to see his…

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Six Tips for Better Mobility for Your Senior

In-Home Care in Katy, TX: Better Mobility

Hindered mobility can cause your elderly family member to do even less, which then becomes a vicious cycle. The less your senior moves, the less stable she becomes and the more difficult it is for her to be safely mobile when she does need to move. Following a few of these tips can help her…

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What Women Over 65 Need To Know About Breast Cancer

February is National Cancer Prevention Month and during the month of February senior women especially should learn as much as they can about how breast cancer impacts senior women. If you have a senior woman in your family you should also find out more about the symptoms of breast cancer in seniors and what you…

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Managing Diabetes as a Senior

Diabetes is a serious health issue that occurs when your senior’s body has trouble maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Depending on the severity of her diabetes, your senior may not be at a point where she needs insulin yet. Managing diabetes properly can help her to postpone treatments like insulin dependency for longer than she…

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Symptoms of Shingles in Seniors

Shingles is a type of rash that can cause extreme pain in seniors. Anyone who has ever had chickenpox disease can get shingles. People of any age can get Shingles, but it is uncommon for younger people to get it. The most common person to get the Shingles is adults between the ages of 60-70…

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Must-Know Vitamin Information for the Elderly

Vitamins and minerals are essential for people of all ages. They make our bodies function at its best. It can be difficult keeping track of all the different vitamins and minerals that a person needs in order to stay healthy. In addition, it can be difficult figuring out how to get these minerals and vitamins.…

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Five Home Safety Tips for Seniors with Vision Trouble

Vision changes can be both subtle and scary for your aging family member. Often people don’t realize at first how much their vision has changed, simply because they’re losing that functionality a little bit every day. Keeping up with home safety for your senior can help her to avoid injuries. Improve Lighting with Adjustable Lamps…

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